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About Maria Diamond

“I had a chance to watch Maria’s closing argument in a trial yesterday. She took a tough case, with both disputed liability and injuries, and gave State Farm a solid run for its money. I have long admired Maria for her expertise, work ethic, empathy, doggedness, and long career as a litigator. Yesterday, she did not disappoint. Maria is a lawyer willing to take the tough cases to trial and there is nothing more admirable than that.” Rebecca Graham
Seattle Attorney

“Maria Diamond is diligent, hard-working, and does a great job for her clients. She has integrity, and she has achieved excellent results in several different kinds of cases. I refer clients to her with confidence.” Celeste McDonell, Principal
Skellenger Bender
Seattle, WA

“I first met Maria Diamond about 25 years ago when we worked on maritime cases together. Maria is a very meticulous and capable trial lawyer. Not only is she a wonderful person, she is professional and ethical. She has a collegial attitude toward judges, opposing counsel and her team, which is great for everyone. Yet she knows how to handle anyone who gives her a hard time. I’m impressed with the skills she brings to her work.” Howard D. Sacks, Attorney
Playa Del Rey, CA

“Maria and I have clients in common, and she is one of the most prepared lawyers I’ve ever seen. We went to trial on a case, and she was calm, ready, and made an excellent presentation in court. Maria is a hard worker and just gets it done. I can’t say enough good things about working with her.” Thomas Thompson
Walthew Law Firm
Seattle, WA

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What Attorneys are Saying